AUTOMATION•GEARS•MACHINERY is a consulting firm focused on the engineering and design of special purpose manufacturing systems, all types of custom gears and gear boxes and one of a kind machine parts.

Our 25 years of manufacturing and automation systems experience includes equipment used to process expanded polystyrofoam panels; a machine to grind and cut truck disk brake pads and numerous robotic systems used by the railroad, steel, food processing and electric generation industries. We have built robotic systems to wrap insulation on conductor bars for electric generators, clean the underside of rapid transit trains, clean railroad bogie assemblies with high pressure water, to apply sealant to aircraft fuel tanks and to handle various food products.

We have built very specialized automated material storage and retrieval systems, specialized tooling components for manufacturing superconducting magnets, and complex molded plastic parts. We are prepared to work with customer manufacturing personnel to help solve a particular problem and then provide a fixed price quotation to engineer, design, build, test, demonstrate and install the equipment in the customer's plant. We do all our design engineering work in 3D solid models using AUTOCAD®.

Our gear design experience covers all types of gears; small very precise A.G.M.A. GR.14 hardened and ground gears, large open gears used in paper mill machinery and general purpose gears for all forms of industrial power transmission purposes. A•G•M is particularly adept at reverse engineering broken or damaged gears and then providing the customer with complete documentation including an AUTOCAD® drawing of the replacement gear. We have re-engineered and rebuilt 125HP gear boxes with new double helical gears, saved seven foot diameter cast iron bull gears from being scrapped, reverse engineered the bevel gears in the rear axle of antique cars and made new gears for the gearbox of a 1940's era wooden boat.

Call or email your manufacturing requirements. You will find that we are very responsive, creative and knowledgeable about automated manufacturing systems, custom machine parts and the technology of gearing.

Robert B. Price, C.Mfg.E.
Manufacturing Engineering Consultant

360 Craven Road, Delanson, New York 12053-2139
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