Case Studies


This design was created for a customer that required a gear box with two coaxial, counter-rotating shafts for a special purpose machine system.

The input power was a 20HP electric motor running at 1800 rpm. The two outputs, one a shaft and one a flange, were designed to handle 12.5 hp each continuously.

Click for a drawing of the Coaxial Gear Box


This gear was used in an airport crash rescue truck to drive the main pumping system. It transmitted 385 HP @ 2700 RPM taken from a turbocharged GM 6-71 diesel engine driving an Allison heavy duty automatic transmission.

The center bore has a Stoffle Polygon profile to provide adequate torque transmission capability. The gear was 6 Diametral Pitch, AGMA Gr. 12, 1.250 in. face width and made from alloy steel with hardened and ground teeth.

Pump Gear

Pump Gear

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