Robotic Systems

Case Studies.


This is an eight axis automated conductor bar taping system. The bars are used in large commercial electric generators and are 35 to 65 ft. long with a complex, compound curved profile.

The Robotic Conductor Bar system wound 13 layers of a high temperature, very high voltage resistant, polyester tape in a precisely overlapping pattern on to the 1.00 thick x 4.25 wide copper bars. the system then covered the insulation with a 10 layers of a sacrificial tape. The winding head controlled the tension in the tapes and alerted the operator when the tape reels needed to be re-filled.

The FANUC robot controller orchestrated not only the six axis robot and the seventh axis positioning runway but the servo-motor controlled eighth axis winding head. Sensors detected the oncoming winding head and retracted the bar support grippers and then re-acquired the bar after the winding head was clear.

Tape Winder

Tape Winder


This is a seven axis robotic system that sprayed a high temperature ceramic material on the inside of a tundish used in the continuous casting of steel bars.

Each tundish was approximately six ft. wide, six feet deep and 25 feet long. The interior surface was coated while the tundish was approximately 250 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Prior to the development of the robotic tundish spraying system application was done by people in high temperature insulating clothing.

The robotic system applied the coating using specially developed software to assure uniformity of the coating in the corners and along the edges of the tundish.

Tundish Sprayer

Tundish Sprayer


The picture shows the frame of a large electric generator with a robot suspended in the middle. The robot is stacking the laminations inside the generator, inter-locking them with the key-bars as it builds the stack in a continuous helical spiral. The frame is approximately 15 ft. tall and 8 ft. in diameter and the stack comprises approx. 135,000 laminations.

Robotic Stacker

Robotic Stacker

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