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Case Studies.

Dispensing Valve

This gadget was created to solve a problem on a machine used to manufacture ammunition.

In the process, the primer cap is placed into the end of the shell casing and an extremely small quantity of sealant is applied to the joint between the primer and the recess in the end of the casing to waterproof the primer. The volume of the material is less than 0.05 ml; it is so small that it will not drop off the end of the hypodermic needle used to dispense it.

The task was to utilize a commercial solenoid operated valve and mount that valve on a two-axis positioning device that could bring the tip of the dispensing needle to the edge of the primer within the required distance 120 times per minute, the production rate of the stamping press that made the assembly.

The positioning mechanism is a precision slide actuated by a solenoid valve controlled pneumatic cylinder. The final position of the tip of the dispensing needle was determined by two manually adjustable positioning screws that had dials capable of being easily read to +/- 0.0025 in.

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3D solid model   Dispensing Valve Assembly   Five Valves   Elevation View

Water Cooled Marine Engine Muffler

This is a cross sectional view of the design of a water cooled marine engine muffler. The end bells are gray iron castings and all the rest of the parts are made from standard pipe, tubing and pipe fittings. It is approx. 14.5 in. long and 5.00 in. in diameter.

Muffler Section

Muffler Section

Stamping Press Hold Down Arm

This is a device used on high speed stamping presses used to make motor laminations. The pneumatically actuated arm clamps down on the center of the workpiece during the stamping operation and when the final hole is punched, the mechanism in the center is pneumatically actuated to knock the lamination off of the center spindle for manual removal by the operator. Overall dimensions from the center spindle to outside of the Hold Down arm is approx. 25 in.; the length along the centerline of the press is. approx. 20 in.

Stamping Press Hold Down Arm

Hold Down Arm

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